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CD Version Fire Chief’s Reference Guide

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NYSAFC Fire Chief’s Reference Guide (2012 Edition)
The NYSAFC Fire Chief’s Reference Guide is an invaluable tool for new chief officers and a great reference guide for all chiefs serving in New York state. The 2012 edition includes new chapters on stress debriefing and coping with fire department disasters. Significant updates were made to existing chapters on guidelines for firefighter and fire officer qualifications, as well as the handy resources and references section for fire chiefs in New York state. Other chapters cover delivery of fire protection and fire service laws in New York state; fire chief duties, responsibilities, and authority; fire department administration; county level fire service operations; OSHA and firefighter safety and health; the role of the fire department safety officer; live burns; line of duty death protocol and guidelines for fire department funerals/observances; media relations and contacting elected officials; loss control; code enforcement; EMS resources; fire police units; haz-mat training and response; and public fire safety education.