Emergency Care in the Streets 7th Edition WORKBOOK

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Dr. Caroline trained her paramedics to be well-rounded, compassionate, quick-thinking problem solvers. This workbook will help students become great paramedics!

Critical thinking skills are further developed through:

  • Realistic and engaging case studies
  • ECG Interpretation exercises
  • “What Would You Do?” scenarios

Comprehension of the course material is aided through:

  • Skill drill activities
  • Anatomy labeling exercises
  • Medical vocabulary building exercises

Fun is ensured with these activities:

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Secret messages
  • Word finds
  • Student Resources CD-ROM

Included free with each copy of the Student Workbook! This CD-ROM contains the following resources:

  • Glossary
  • Common Prefixes
  • Common Suffixes
  • Common Root Words
  • Common Abbreviations
  • Medication Formulary
  • Medication Flashcards
  • Skill Evaluation Sheets
  • National Registry Skill Sheets

The Student Workbook comes complete with an answer key and page references for further study.